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The basic requirement for managing a corporate event in Cape Town  is a step-by-step disciplined to see through various tasks from start to finish. There are many corporate event management companies offering professional services. They will work with the company contact one-on-one to make sure all of the needs and wishes of the company are met when putting together an event in Cape Town

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Event management companies will design and manage events, projects and programmes, whilst being strategic and creative in their thinking. They should have a dedicated team that can create, with you, all elements of your exclusive/bespoke event, programme or project.

Is it more expensive to use an event management company?

No, it is actually more cost-effective to use an event management company. Event Management companies will have cheaper rates and good relationships with suppliers and the expertise of organising and managing events can save you a lot of money.

Why can event management companies offer services cheaper than what I can get those services for?

Event management companies use suppliers, entertainment, venues, caterers services frequently and consequently obtain agency or discounted rates which they pass on to their clients. Event management companies buy services in mass, which end up a lot cheaper.

Can an Event Management company save me time?

Yes, an events management company will know exactly where to look for the services you want. If you were to look for these services yourself, it would cost you, which is often not included in budgets. Hidden costs incur in the manner of time, labour, transport, communications, etc

If you choose an Events Management company that don't own their own kit, you will benefit vastly because they will look around for the best equipment to suit your requirements and budget.

What percentage should I spend on décor and entertainment?

In an ideal situation, your budget should cater for equal amounts for food and beverage and for decor and entertainment. The more elaborate however your spending on decor and entertainment, the greater the impact on your function will have (but please do not under-cater).

Unfortunately, this ideal solution is seldom achievable, as most venues charge steep prices for food and beverage. Therefore it would also be workable if you allocate a minimum of thirty per cent (30%) for decor and entertainment.

How Event Management can bond your team

It is important to choose an Event Management company that has experience of working with top blue chip companies that engage and inspire.

The Importance of an Event Planner